Nike+ SportWatch: A Watch With GPS

High end watches have been evolving quickly. They have added a lot of features that previously were available only on handheld devices and other gadgets that used to cost a fortune.

A new entry to the category of high tech watches is the Nike+ sports-watch. Introduced recently to satisfy even the most extreme runner, this new watch provides everything you need to keep running and informed at the same time.

The most striking feature of this exquisite watch is a GPS, that is embedded in the system and provide step by step directions. The GPS is equipped with maps from TomTom, a leading provider of mapping data and GPS technology.

With the Nike+ sports watch you will have not only accurate, up to date information about trails or urban environment. You will also be using a stylish, modern watch that is of great taste and in affinity with current standards.

The materials used in this watch also provide an outstanding combination of style and usability, exactly what you need in a great sport watch directed at active and competitive people.

Nike Watches

Nike is a company that has a tradition of providing the best equipment for sportspeople. Their celebrated shoes line has been extended into other areas of sporting gear. With outstanding and continuous use of technological advances, Nike has again provided a product that will satisfy the most extreme runners.

Here is quick list of features:

  • Water resistant Nike+ SportWatch features TomTom GPS for accurate speed and distance information, indoors or out–even if the GPS signal gets interrupted
  • Track your time, distance, pace, heart rate (with optional sensor), and calories burned; view your mapped route with pace data/changes in elevation on
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery charges via USB, provides eight hours of run time with the GPS and sensor both turned on, up to 50 days of standby power
  • Join challenges and connect with friends as a member of–view/share routes, find popular running areas, share activity on Facebook or Twitter
  • Personal coaching features help keep you at your best–reminds you to run, stores your run history, and remembers your personal records

Combining Nike’s understanding of the athlete with the GPS expertise of TomTom, Nike+ SportWatch GPS is a game changer for runners. Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom uses both GPS technology and the Nike+ shoe sensor to capture every step of your run. Runners can then upload their data to the website, where new mapping features allow them to see their runs and find popular routes, track their goals, receive coaching tips, challenge friends, and share their progress through Facebook and Twitter.

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