Leather wrist watch

You are invited to a party and needs to have a great watch that matches your high style outfit. What would be your first options for a wrist watch in such a situation? I can bet you would be complete using a beautiful leather wrist watch.
Leather wrist watches are versatile, and can be used on a great range of situations. However, they really shine in social occasions, where you want to match a beautiful dress or suit. It can become the touch that will make your social appearance even more important.
Using leather wrist watches is like having a well designed outfit that can be used on a variety of occasions. From work to parties, weddings, or even sportive events.

A Special Leather Watch

Choosing the right leather watch is essential, because with so many options available it is easier to display your particular style with leather watches than with any other type of timepiece.
Among the most respected brands of leather watches you will find: Armani, Blancpain, Gevril, Rolex, Girard Perregaux, and others.
Check for example this review of a satisfied customer of the Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Gold-Tone Leather Watch:

The circumference and thickness kind of make you remember older days in watches. The numbers are easy to see against the background (large 4, 8, and 12), and the gold double bars to indicate the other hours are sized perfectly compared to the actual numbers. You can see the watch without reading glasses – at least, I can this year – and I can even make out the day and date without glasses. Whoever designed the face probably has been studying those Golden Ratios, or whatever: there is a pleasing relationship between the circumferences on the face (outer and inner) and the diameters of the outer ring.

Plus, it runs on light, man! Light! (Must have said that during the 60’s sometime….) Pretty cool to think that nobody REALLY knows what’s powering this thing. Never needs a battery – gedoutaheah! Really! If you buy this watch (your own), they could bury you on Mt Everest with your arm sticking up, perhaps with a baggie around it – I don’t know why, and in a thousand generations, your heirs can come by, take the watch, leave the baggie, and use it until the universe…well, whatever it will do.

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