Torgoen Swiss Chronograph Pilot Computer Watch

The Torgoen Swiss Men’s Chronograph Watch brings the best in technological innovation and design to a new generation of users. This is a highly advanced watch, with all the features required from a top of line product.

This Torgoen is inspired in aviation, the same sport that once served to create the first wrist watches. Through aviation, the desire for a watch that is technologically advanced, although easy to use was finally materialized.

While traditional watches are more focused just on design, the Torgoen watches bring to consumers the best of the quality and precision required on sports and technical activities.

GMT (Zulu Time). Keeping track of home-time for travelers: Torgoen incorporated in many of its models another feature that is commonly used by pilots and favoredby watch enthusiasts – a second time zone displayed in a 24 hour format. Communications between the cockpit and air traffic controllers always use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) as a common standard. It avoids confusion by pilots arriving at an airport from different time zones. Every time zone in the globe has a designated letter. GMT was designated with the letter Z and pilots call it Zulu time since Zulu is the phonetic alphabet for Z. It is also useful for travelers crossing different time zones who wish to keep their home-time handy and easily displayed on their watches

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