Techie Watches

Techie watches are watches that have all modern features that you would expect in a James Bond watch. While having great style and being easy to use, techie watches are something that will impress your friends and give you hours of entertainment with features that you won’t find in more traditional watches.

Several companies produce techie watches, including Cassio, TX, Torgoen, and REACTOR. These are some of the leading companies that have introduced technologically advanced watches year after year. They are at the lead of the competition for watches that not only show the time, but also help you make the time.

Cassio is one of the leaders. The model Pathfinder Altimeter has all the bell and whistles associated with a technological watch. It has an altimeter and barometer, so you can get accurate information on any weather. This is also a solar atomic digital watch that uses solar energy to power itself.

Here is the product description:

This multi-function watch from the Casio Pathfinder series keeps you well informed and stylishly equipped for aviation, outdoor exploration, and everyday adventure. The large round digital display shows the time (kept highly accurate with multi-band atomic timekeeping, plus world settings for up to 30 cities / 29 time zones), a digital 360-degree compass, altimeter (with a -700 to 10,000 meter measuring range, plus altimeter memory and graph functions), barometer, thermometer, and data memory. Conveniently solar powered, the battery has five-month battery life on full charge without further exposure to light. The watch is built with a power saving function and a battery power indicator. The watch also offers five daily alarms, an altimeter alarm, a countdown timer, a 1/100 second stopwatch function and hourly time signals.

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