Binary Watches

A binary watch is a cool gadget that shows the time not only using the normal displaying techniques, but also in binary.

Binary watches are not only cool to watch, they are useful. For example, you may want to learn binary notation for numbers. There is no better way than having to understand the time as displayed in your binary watch.

Binary watches may sound like something only geeks would be interested, but it turns out that most people buying binary watches are not geeks, but normal people that find it cool to have a non-conventional display.

Most binary watches are able to show the time not only in binary, but also in normal (decimal) notation. So, you have the option to switch between binary and decimal numbers and you can decide what the watch will show.

Another reason to have binary watches is the great design. These watches break with the conventional wisdom of how to display the time, so you can expect nice patterns that are uncommnon for traditional, non-tech watches.

A great example is the 01TheOne Samui Moon Binary Fashion Watch that has a cool display with innovative design. It stands out as a cool watch that everyone will notice.

Here are the technical details of this nice watch:

Fun for techno-heads or trendsetters, the One binary fashion watch displays time in binary code. Green LEDs indicate hours and minutes. Simply add the numbers of lit LEDs on the upper row (8-4-2-1) to tell hours and the number of lit LEDs on the bottom row (32-16-8-4-2-1) for minutes. Few can resist the allure of this enigmatic design and it easily impresses those who don’t know the code. This watch not only looks incredible, its comfortable stainless steel band allows all-day wear. It also has a 38-1/2-millimeter case held in place by a stationary bezel and a black dial covered with a resilIent mineral dial window. Packaged in a decorative tin and complete with instructions, this timepiece is irresistible. It is powered by digital-quartz movement and is water resistant to a depth of 99 feet.

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